Mermaid Hosts New Neighbors

Recently many residents in Cheney Canyon, also known as Sylvia Park, converged on The Mermaid to welcome new neighbors to the ’hood. Mermaid owner, Bill Buerge, and Gail McDonald-Tune hosted the get-together inviting all the new Cheney Canyon arrivals they knew about and neighbors living in the general vicinity of The Mermaid in the upper east end of Cheney Canyon.

It was a crisp evening with most walking to The Mermaid and cozying up to the giant fireplace. New neighbors provided photos that were enlarged to adorn the walls of the Great Room.

Abuelitas catered an ample buffet. Wine was donated by Alexa and J.P. Flagler, who live on Little Cheney Drive, also knows as Horsebites Lane, and whose family owns Chappellett Vineyards.

Before departing, guests received survival kits as “Mer-mentos” and a reminder to stay prepared. The kits, recommended by the Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness, consisted of a nylon carrying bag, emergency blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, radio, toilet paper and enough food and water to sustain one person for three days.

Many old-timers have moved on, with a new generation of couples, singles and families taking their place. New births and pregnancies are abundant in the neighborhood.

“It could be in the drinking water,” suggested McDonald-Tune.

“If the bright new generation in our neighborhood is any indication of the rest of the Canyon, the future of Topanga will be in good hands,” said Buerge.